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ONLINE BOOKING | Point to Point Transfers

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💚 Your budget choice:

Shared transfer


​Book your individual seat in different vehicles and pay only the luggage you really take. Up to 8 daily fixed departure times.

  • Limited Availability on scheduled regular times.

  • Included baggage: 1 piece of handluggage (max.10 Kgs).

  • Optional extra baggage (pieces up to 23 Kgs. each)

  • Get up at home, get off at the AEROPARQUE airport. 

⭐ Your comfort choice:

Private transfer

Vehicle category and schedule of your choice. Free bags.

  • Wide car fleet available at your choice

  • Free luggage depending of the selected car.

  • Door to door service also in Buenos Aires.

  • Free choicing of stops on the route.

  • Pets allowed in suitable transport cages.

  • No delays due to waiting for other passengers.


Special Group Transfers

Book your individual seat on various vehicles and only pay for the segments you actually need, without depending on others.

Taylor Swift en CABA
The Weeknd en CABA
Luis Miguel en CABA
  • Door-to-door service in the place of origin and destination.

  • 24/7 remote coordination for the return meetup.

  • Adapted schedules tailored to each event.

  • Free choicing of stops on the route.

  • Pets allowed in suitable transport cages.

  •  Automatic discount of 50%  on the regular rate. 

🏁 Your Destination

Buenos Aires City

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Transfers hacia_desde Ciudad de Buenos A

🏠 Your Origin

Transfers hacia_desde Ciudad de Rafaela.


Santa Fe, Argentina

🎵 Your option for events:
  • Callcenter


  • E-Mail

  • Central Office

San Jerónimo 3036, S3000FQN

Santa Fe, Argentina

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